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Every Heart Beats
Inspiring our children with the power of art

Our SchoolsWhich direction will your child’s imagination take today?

A creative spark lives in us all. We just need the right fuse to ignite it. The sound of ivory keys on a piano. Pink slippers tied just right. A stroke of paint breaking a blank canvas. Our school has one goal: to ignite that spark. We want to inspire the next generation of artists—the ones who will transform our communities and change our world.

School of MusicFind the perfect harmony

Bringing music into your home helps your child develop social skills, self-confidence, patience and self-discipline. We offer classes for all levels from beginner to advanced, taught by qualified, world-class musicians, building a strong foundation in music while instilling the joy of discovery and learning.

School of DanceDance your soul away

Five, six, seven, eight. The benefits of dancing for children stretch far beyond physical activity. It’s a discipline they will carry with them their entire lives. We offer classes in ballet, jazz, hip hop and lyrical. Our small class sizes taught by experienced instructors allow for a personal learning experience so your child can progress at their own pace in a supportive environment.

teenage girl in ballet pose

School of Visual ArtsThe canvas is your world

Inspire your children to express themselves and the world around them. In our programs, students discover visual arts through different styles and media—by painting, sculpting, drawing, decoupage, and more—all while learning concepts of art theory. Guided by professional artists in our dedicated studio spaces, your children will develop not only their skills, but their creativity, self-expression and ingenuity.

Art MattersWhy the arts are essential for children and youth

Creative expression is central to being human. Art gives our children a way to express themselves, to understand their world, to connect with each other all while developing useful skills like problem solving, collaboration, critical thinking and fine motor skills.

But there’s something else art does.

Art grows our capacity for empathy. It unifies us across social and cultural barriers and becomes the heartbeat of our community. And this is why the Arts Conservatory exists: to inspire our children who will go on to change the world.

Every heart beats.

Success Stories

  • “The dedication and compassion of her teacher and the staff truly made a positive impact on both my daughter's learning and well-being as they are a family that goes above and beyond the books and lessons. We found an inclusive and loving community with The Arts Conservatory and that is what makes them unique and exemplary from others.”

    Carmina Ang

  • “The Arts Conservatory and Linda Shirley have been memories of special family times watching Piper perform at many recitals, festivals and Masterclasses, as well as a welcoming, warm feeling each time we take our daughter there for the lessons that have helped connect her so deeply to music a shining light for us, and will always hold We are so grateful for this program, it has truly enhanced our child's life in a profound way.”

    Kathryn Langsford and Todd O’Connell

  • “Miss Jessica never teaches children to draw circles or filling in colors. She introduces children to the world of Arts. She inspires children to create a masterpiece of their own. The most recent piece which impressed me was a Banksy-inspired portrait of my daughter. I had tears in my eyes when this portrait was presented to me as a Family Day present.”

    Susan Yuen