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School of Music Our Adapted Music Classes

We orchestrate our music lessons according to your kid’s needs.

DO-RE-MI Bring music into your home

We offer private adapted music lessons for every skill level for kids for all ages. Personalized to help students move at their pace, each program is designed to keep your kids engaged and to reach their goals.

All agesAdapted Music

Adapted music lessons focus on using fun and creative ways to learn an instrument. Options may include but are not limited to piano, guitar, ukulele, drums, and voice. The repertoire and teaching methods are all adapted to suit the interests, pace, and learning styles of the student. Games, props, alternative communication tools, sensory breaks, and other creative options can be included to help students learn music the way that fits them best.

Not eligible for Autism Funding

•Open to neurotypical and neurodiverse students

All Ages | Focus is on fun and success