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School of Dance Our Adult Dance Classes

From beginners to advanced, we have something for every adult!

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Adult Dance Class Schedule & Registration

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ClassAgeDaysTimesClass StartsClass EndsFeeRegister
Adult Tap19+Mon8:15PM-9:15PM09/10/202406/17/2025$0.00Register
Adult Hip Hop19+Tue8:00PM-9:00PM09/11/202406/18/2025$0.00Register
Adult Lyrical-Jazz19+Wed8:45PM-9:45PM09/12/202406/19/2025$0.00Register
Adult Ballet19+Thu7:45PM-8:45PM09/13/202406/20/2025$0.00Register

express yourself through movementWe offer a variety of Dance Classes

It doesn’t matter where you’re starting, whether you’ve never danced before or you’ve slipped on your dance shoes about a thousand times, whether you’re looking for a casual dance class, some private lessons or a competitive program that will push you. We provide dance classes that call to your interests whether it be cultural, expressive or musical theater. At our School of Dance, you’ll find the program that’s right for you. Welcome to your new dance studio.

All levelsAdult Hip Hop

Get up off the couch and get moving! It’s never too late to learn something new or refresh old skills! Whether you took hip hop in your youth or not, this class will be a welcome place for all adults to get grooving! Learn some of the basic hip hop vocabulary and moves then develop your comfort with the movements as the year progresses! We welcome adults of all ages to try this class and see how much fun it can be to dance the night away again!

Beginners | experienced | advanced Adult Tap

Learn a few basic patterns and you are off to a great cardio workout. Tap dance gets the heart rate up in a way that’s way more enjoyable than a jog around the block. It tones the major muscle groups in the legs and core and is a super fun way to stay in shape.

I always thought it’d be fun to try tap and it was, though it was also challenging!  I’ve been watching the kids tap for years and now I have a new appreciation for how easy they make it look.  It’s a real physical and mental workout.  But it was good couple activity for us, Vanessa was great, and the group was fantastic, and I’m looking forward to starting it up again.

Tina Leung, Adult Tap

beginners | experiencedAdult Ballet

Adult ballet is a great workout for the whole body. Ballet is a weight-bearing form of exercise which strengthens muscles, promotes healthy bones and burns calories. Because ballet uses the full range of muscles, it’s also great for cognitive functions such as coordination and concentration.

I have really enjoyed my dance classes at the Arts Conservatory. The teachers were always very friendly and encouraging and the classes were at the exact level of difficulty for me. Being a senior, I found that the tap was not only a good workout for my body, but for my brain and coordination as well. Ballet certainly helped with my posture and balance and with all those pointed toes, ballet really helped strengthen my feet as well. The added stretching after class always left me feeling destressed and relaxed. I am very much looking forward to classes starting up again this fall.

Kathleen Baldwin, Adult Ballet & Adult Tap