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We orchestrate our classes according to your children’s needs.

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Group Music Class Schedule & Registration

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ClassAgeDaysTimesClass StartsClass EndsFeeRegister
Mini Melody Makers3-5Wed3:00PM-3:30PM09/20/202301/24/2024$289.00Register
Mini Melody Makers3-5Sat10:00AM-10:30AM09/23/202301/27/2024$272.00Register
Mini Melody Makers3-5Sat10:30AM-11:00AM09/23/202301/27/2024$272.00Register
Mini Melody Makers3-5Wed2:30PM-3:00PM02/14/202406/12/2024$272.00Register
Mini Melody Makers3-5Wed3:00PM-3:30PM02/14/202406/12/2024$272.00Register
Mini Melody Makers3-5Sat10:00AM-10:30AM02/17/202406/15/2024$255.00Register
Mini Melody Makers3-5Sat10:30AM-11:00AM02/17/202406/15/2024$255.00Register

DO-RE-MI Bring music into your home

We offer group music classes for ages 3 to 8.

Ages 3-5Mini Melody Makers

Learn the foundations of music with this program for children aged 3 to 4. In this unique group class, students will explore fundamental concepts like tone, dynamics, and rhythm through various songs and activities. They will also work with instruments like bells, xylophones, pianos, violins and percussion, allowing them to cover multiple music styles and help discover their musical passion.

•Variety of media and instruments
•Learning about music as a concept through various instruments and activities
•Group environment for social interaction 

Ages 3-8Suzuki Group Violin

Parent involvement is key at these early stages, so please be ready to sit in on these classes and learn alongside your child! Take your first steps towards learning the violin using the internationally recognized Suzuki Method! Children will learn about posture, bowing, rhythm and ear training through the Suzuki principles of repetition, listening, tonalization, and the “mother-tongue” approach. Beginners will learn early music fundamentals alongside the necessary techniques specific to the violin. Students will be ready to step into private violin lessons after completion of this program.

•Develop listening skills through beginner ear training.
•Learn on a mock-violin before moving up to playing a real violin.
•Gain knowledge of music fundamentals like pitch and rhythm.
•Use popular songs to aid their music understanding.
•Work in a small group for a collaborative environment.
•Enjoy the support and company of their parents.

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1 Free Voice Lesson!
Times Available: Wed: 4:00-4:30/5:30-6:00PM Thurs: 5:30-6:00PM/6:30-7:00PM