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School of Music Our Guitar and Ukulele Classes

We orchestrate our classes according to your child’s needs.

DO-RE-MI Bring music into your home

We offer guitar and ukulele lessons for every skill level from ages 5 to18 (we do offer classes for adults, too). Personalized to help students move at their pace, each program is designed to keep our students engaged and reach their goals. There’s also the option for our students to participate in performances, events and masterclasses.

Ages 5+Guitar & Ukulele Lessons

Guitar is a versatile instrument that can be played in a variety of settings. We offer weekly private ukulele or guitar lessons tailored to each student’s level, needs and musical goals. Teachers will guide students through mastering chords, finger and pick techniques and reading different types of guitar music. Learn to play classical stylings or other styles like jazz, rock and pop. With fewer strings and no need for a pick, the ukulele is a great fit for younger students and can help them transition to guitar once they are older.

•Learn to read different types of guitar music
•Discover different guitar styles: classical, pop, rock or jazz
•Master chords, finger and pick techniques 

Personalized Lessons | Rent a Ukulele | Available for Beginner to Intermediate Students 

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1 Free Voice Lesson!
Times Available: Wed: 4:00-4:30/5:30-6:00PM Thurs: 5:30-6:00PM/6:30-7:00PM