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We plan our classes according to your children’s needs.

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express yourself through movementWe offer a variety of Dance Classes

It doesn’t matter where you’re starting, whether you’ve never danced before or you’ve slipped on your dance shoes about a thousand times, whether you’re looking for a casual dance class, some private lessons or a competitive program that will push you. We provide dance classes that call to your interests whether it be cultural, expressive or musical theater. At our School of Dance, you’ll find the program that’s right for you. Welcome to your new dance studio.

Ages 3+Acrobatics

This dance genre is designed to teach dancers to excel through all forms of technique including flexibility, limbering, tumbling and strength.

•Learn to cartwheels and backbends.
•Learn posture and technique
•Develop flexibility and dance skills.

Ages 5-7 Song & Dance

Love to sing and dance at the same time? This class is made for you! Students will become ‘triple threats’ as they are introduced to the basics of Broadway through singing, dancing, and acting!

•Learn how to use projection to speak and sing louder
•Learn basic dance steps that will cross over into other dance styles like jazz
•Play acting development games that help build confidence, creativity and acting skills

Ages 10-18Lyrical

Explore ballet and jazz techniques in a melodious, fluid expression, telling a story to the lyrics of a song. Usually set to melodic music with soft phrasing and highlight moments. This style may require more emotional maturity so the students can connect with the music and lyrics while working on improving their technique for big jumps and turns. Dancers will develop many similar skills as in a jazz class with strength, flexibility, and skills training, but with the focus on fluidity, grace, and expressive movement.

•Grow to understand phrasing and musicality
•Build an emotional connection to the music
•Develop a sophisticated performance quality
•Year-end recital with costumes

Private and Group Classes Available | Foundations Program | Accelerated Program