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School of Visual Arts Our Programs

We design our programs according to our students’ needs. If you want have any questions about our programs, reach out and get in touch with us.

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We’re Glad you’re Here We’ve got a complete art program

We offer art classes exploring a variety of media for every skill level from toddler to age 18. Personalized to help students move at their pace, each program is designed to keep our students engaged within their chosen craft and reach their goals.

Which direction will your child’s imagination take today? Find the right program

  • Family-Artventures The Arts Conservatory

    Family Artventures

    Explore art with your toddler through various activities.

  • Mini Art Club

    Learn about historical and contemporary artists and experiment with different media.

  • Open Studio

    A flexible class where you can work on your own projects or join in with the group.

  • Art Explorers

    Discover the foundations of different types of media with our 101 classes.

  • Stop-Animation The Arts Conservatory

    Stopmotion Animation

    Master the fundamentals of animation under the instruction of a working animation professional.

  • Chinese Calligraphy

    Learn More about this unique class

  • Artist Workshops

    Learn under the guidance of seasoned working artists.

Family-Artventures The Arts Conservatory

6 MONTHS – 3 YEARS OLDFamily Artventures

Explore art with your toddler through various activities such as clay play, free paint, veggie stamping. This class combines ECE techniques of free play with the curriculum, such as loose parts boxes that are themed with different artists. You can choose to keep anything created or purely enjoy the process. Stay for the entire hour or come and go at your convenience. And yes, we will take care of the mess! Caretakers must be 18+.

Fully equipped Art Studio | Experimenting with different Art Forms | Introductory Art Class

ages 3-5Mini Art Club 

Enroll your child into this after-school creative club where they’ll get the chance to discover art in a student-focused setting. Here they’ll learn about historical and contemporary artists and get to experiment with different media. 

•Monday: Sculpting by Nature
•Tuesday: Colour Pop
•Wednesday: Creative Creatures
•Thursday: Multimedia Lab
•Friday: Mini Masters 

Professional Art Studio | Beginner and Intermediate Level | After-School Program

Ages 5-12Open Studio

This flexible art class is designed to meet the needs of students at a personal and creative level. Spanning across many media, processes and techniques, it allows students to work on their own projects or join in on a group project. In this class, students will get to work one-on-one with the instructor to tailor their studio time to their interests and ability. By learning a variety of drawing tools and techniques to build on their personal skill set, they will emerge with a new-found confidence as young artists.

•Learn about historical and contemporary artists
•Experiment with all of your favourite media
•Work towards your personal artist’s goals with guidance 

Professional Art Studio | Flexible Programming | All Levels

Ages 6-14Art Explorers

Discover the foundations of different types of media with our 101 classes. Learn different techniques by working on projects from start to finish under the nurturing guidance of our instructors. These classes will start with foundations but will progress to different levels depending on the student’s ability and age.

• Sculpture Lab (age 6-11)
• Drawing and Painting Fundamentals (age 8-12)
• Printmaker Studio (age 8-14)
• Comic Manga Illustrators (age 6-10) 

Private Teaching | High-quality Instruments | Large Space

Ages 15+Artist Workshops

In this workshop format, students get to work with seasoned, professional artists. They’ll learn about what inspires these artists and drives their art and have a chance to improve certain techniques and work on specific projects. They’ll benefit from exclusive artist talks and demonstrations while receiving professional guidance, critiques and reviews.

•Take home a finished piece of art you can be proud of
•Connect personally with seasoned artists
•Get professional guidance during studio time 

Professional Art Studio | Intermediate and Advanced Levels | Professional Artist as Teacher

ages 10-15Stopmotion  Animation 

In this foundation of animation class, students will get the chance to do several projects in 2D and 3D stop-motion animation. They’ll be guided from start to finish on the basics of character development and drawing skills related to animating and designing characters and stories. They will then learn how to add colour, lights and shadows to bring their animations to life.

•Storyboarding techniques
•2D and 3D animation techniques
•Adding sound
•Finished animation project 

Digital Tools | Stop-Motion Animation | Professional Animator as Teacher

Stop-Animation The Arts Conservatory

ages 10-15Chinese Calligraphy 

This is a class focused on traditional artistic techniques that have originated in China: calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting. It focuses on but is not limited to learning Chinese calligraphy characters, how to master their form, and their connection to traditional Chinese art history as well as exploring fascinating painting techniques that have originated in China.

•Work with authentic Chinese art materials
•Multiple media
•Learn about the historical, cultural, and contemporary context of Chinese Calligraphy

Professional Art Studio | Beginner and Intermediate Levels | Professional Chinese Art Teacher Proficient in Mandarin and English