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We plan our programs according to our students’ needs. Browse our 2022/2023 program guide below and click on the days to register.

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We’re Glad you’re Here We offer a complete Ballet program

It doesn’t matter where you’re starting, whether you’ve never danced before or you’ve slipped on your dance shoes about a thousand times, whether you’re looking for a casual dance class, some private lessons or a competitive program that will push you. At our School of Dance, you’ll find the program that’s right for you. Welcome to your new dance studio.

Learn the fundamentals and focus on the enjoyment of dance while still learning important skills. Our Foundations is our recreational program with no mandatory prerequisite and classes available for all our disciplines. Class placement is determined by age. No minimum number of classes are required. 

For students who want to step up their training, we offer dedicated classes at a higher level. Our Accelerated program gives the opportunity to enhance dance training by committing to more classes each week, with the expectation that students participate in exams (for ballet) or competitions (for all other disciplines). Dancers get to enroll in a minimum of two classes per week. With progressing skill, age and level, the number of classes will increase. 

Ages 3-18Ballet

Ballet is a beautiful dance form unto itself and enhances a jazz and lyrical dancer’s technique in a way that no other style can. It builds strength and understanding of how to move one’s body by teaching foundational skills. Combine grace and fluidity with strength and core development in our large dance studio space. Ballet is enjoyable for all ages. Younger kids will discover how to use their imagination and develop the joy of movement while mature students learn to master gross motor skills that become the building blocks to the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Ballet curriculum.

•Fundamentals of Progressive Ballet Technique (PBT)
•Introduction into Pointe Dancing
•Year-end recital with costumes
• Students in Accelerated Program will take RAD class awards or exams at the teacher’s discretion 

Private and Group Classes Available | Foundations Program | Accelerated Program

Ages 7-18Private Training

Private training packages are available for all dance disciplines. Improve your technique and craft by working one-on-one with your instructor. Private training classes are a great way to work towards solo or duo choreography to be taken to competitions or prepare for your RAD Ballet exam. They’re also available for students who may wish to continue training but have aged out of our other programs.

•Personalized teaching
•Exam and competition preparation
•Focus on the development of all skills 

Private and Group Coaching Available | Accelerated Program

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1 Free Voice Lesson!
Times Available: Wed: 4:00-4:30/5:30-6:00PM Thurs: 5:30-6:00PM/6:30-7:00PM