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We orchestrate our programs according to our students’ needs. If you have any questions about our programs, reach out and get in touch with us.

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DO-RE-MI Bring music into your home

We offer music programs for a variety of disciplines for every skill level from ages 3 to 18 (we do offer classes for adults, too). Personalized to help students move at their pace, each program is designed to keep our students engaged and reach their goals. There’s also the option for our students to participate in performances, events and masterclasses.

Which tune will your child sing today? Find the right program

  • Piano

    Learn piano techniques and build a strong foundation in music that can be applied to any instrument.

  • Violin

    Master this challenging but rewarding instrument, famous for its unique melodious sound.

  • Guitar/Ukulele

    Learn to play classical stylings or in other styles like jazz, rock and pop with this instrument.

  • Drums

    Explore rhythm and drum techniques through a variety of styles.

  • Voice

    Improve your singing by learning your favourite songs and improving vocal techniques.

  • Mini Melody Makers

    A group class for younger students to build musical foundations through various activities.

  • Music Therapy

    Purposeful use of music to support development, health, and well-being.

  • Adapted Music Lessons

    Customized lessons to suit individual learning styles

  • university preparatory class

    University Prep

    The preparation package that will get you into University or College.

Ages 4+Piano

A great instrument to get started, the piano is flexible and allows students to move at their own comfortable pace. We offer weekly private lessons personalized to fit each student’s level, needs and musical goals. Starting with the Kelly Kirby Method, your child will build a strong foundation in music fundamentals—like sight reading and ear training—which can be applied to any instrument down the line.

•Includes keyboard work, reading work and written work
•Kelly Kirby Method for beginners
•RCM, Faber and Bastien methods for students past Kelly Kirby
•Opportunity for masterclasses 

Beginner to Advanced Levels | Scholarships Available | RCM Exam Preparation 

Ages 5+Violin

A challenging but rewarding instrument, the violin is famous for its unique melodious sound. We offer weekly private violin lessons to fit each student’s level, needs, and musical goals. Available for all levels, from brand new beginner to students with long-term experience. 

•Learn to hold the instrument and proper bow and finger-work
•Range of methods (Suzuki, RCM) to work with students of any level
•Violins available for rent as students grow into different sizes

Personalized Lessons | Beginner to Advanced Levels| RCM Exam Preparation

Ages 8+Drums

Learn the drumming techniques and sight reading abilities needed to play a range of styles. We offer weekly private drum lessons tailored to fit each student’s level, needs, and musical goals. A full drum kit and full electronic drum kit are available in our studios during lessons. 

•Learn to read drum sheet music
•Master a range of styles
•Sticks and practice pads available to purchase 

Personalized Lessons | Beginner to Advanced Levels 

Ages 8+Voice

Vocal lessons are a great opportunity for your child to improve their singing to their favourite songs. They’re also an opportunity to learn correct breathing techniques and how to master the sound of your body as your instrument. Teachers can explore multiple styles with students while training them technically by working through many vocal styles and exercises.

Lessons may not be fitting for some students until they are close to age 10+, depending on vocal development. 

•Increase your singing range and improve your vocal pitch
•Technical and theory training alongside vocal training
•Learn different singing styles

Personalized Lessons | Beginner to Advanced Levels 

ALL AGESMusic Therapy

Music therapy is a discipline in which trained professionals use music to work together with people of all ages and abilities. We offer individual and group sessions to promote changes in social, communicative, emotional, cognitive, motor, psychosocial and musical areas. These sessions are led by certified music therapists, and can be beneficial for individuals on the autism spectrum, and neurodiverse individuals who can benefit from help in various areas through music. 

  • •Sessions are adapted to the individual’s needs
  • •Sessions may include singing, instruments, improvising, songwriting, recording, and listening to music
  • •Assessments, treatment plans, and reports provided upon request
  • •Autism Funding can be used for individuals aged 6-18

Dedicated Music Therapy Space | Certified Music Therapists | Private or Group Sessions 

ALL agesAdapted Music Lessons

Adapted music lessons focus on using fun and creative ways to learn an instrument. Options may include but are not limited to piano, guitar, ukulele, drums, and voice. The repertoire and teaching methods are all adapted to suit the interests, pace, and learning styles of the student. Games, props, alternative communication tools, sensory breaks, and other creative options can be included to help students learn music the way that fits them best.

Not eligible for Autism Funding 

•Open to neurotypical and neurodiverse students

All ages | Focus is on fun and success

Ages 5+Guitar/Ukulele

Guitar is a versatile instrument that can be played in a variety of settings. We offer weekly private ukulele or guitar lessons tailored to each student’s level, needs and musical goals. Teachers will guide students through mastering chords, finger and pick techniques and reading different types of guitar music. Learn to play classical stylings or other styles like jazz, rock and pop. With fewer strings and no need for a pick, the ukulele is a great fit for younger students and can help them transition to guitar once they are older.

•Learn to read different types of guitar music
•Discover different guitar styles: classical, pop, rock or jazz
•Master chords, finger and pick techniques 

Personalized Lessons | Rent a Ukulele | Available for Beginner to Intermediate Students 

Ages 3-4Mini Melody Makers

Learn the foundations of music with a program for children aged 3 to 4. Under the instruction of professional music teachers, this unique group class focuses on developing the skills and theories necessary for building a future musical education. Through games, songs and activities, students will learn concepts about tone, dynamics and rhythm. They also get to work with different instruments like bells, xylophones, pianos, violins and percussion instruments. This environment facilitates a deeper level of music education and allows us to cover multiple music styles to help your child discover their passion.

•Variety of media and instruments
•Learning about music as a concept through various instruments and activities
•Group environment for social interaction 

Group Class | Great For Younger Students | Intro to Music

university preparatory class

University applicantsUniversity Prep Classes

This intensive program, designed to assist students in preparing for their college or university admission, will be led by Dr. Edmundo Gonzalez, a graduate of Musical Arts at the University of British Columbia. The focus of this flexible program is to aid students as they prepare for the admission process by developing and expanding on their musical skills. Our School of Music’s unique approach and facilities will provide students with the opportunity to gain experience and prepare themselves to be well-rounded, successful musicians who are ready to embark on their musical journey.

•Assessment and Evaluation
•Coaching by Faculty of Music Senior Teacher
•Professionally Recorded Performance for application

Personalized Lessons | Masterclass Adjudication| Reference letters provided