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Our Team
Our Visual Arts Instructors

Get to know our visual arts instructors. We are all passionate about making a difference in the lives of the youth who step through our doors by providing a well-rounded arts education. 


  • Jessica Trestain
    School of Visual Arts Manager

    Jessica Trestain
    School of Visual Arts Manager

    Jessica is an artist as well as an educator, which means she is able to bridge the gap between the technical aspects of art-making and the theoretical components of effective communication and teaching practices. A firm believer that visual arts play a vital role in the development of certain skills such as critical thinking, empathy and social growth, Jessica strives to create a safe space that fosters individual and collaborative creativity. She graduated with a Bachelor of Art Education (University of New South Wales/UBC) and has a Diploma of Fine Arts (TAFE) and a TESOL Diploma (LCC Languages College).


    • 2nd place in the Midsummer Arts Dream 2018 Exhibition for Drawing & Painting Category
    • Third Place Finalist in the Waters Art Contest, Grey Cube Gallery 2010
    • Winner of the Hazelhurst Gallery Sydney, Art on Paper Award 2006
    • Winner of the Student Emergence Prize at Kudos Gallery, Paddington NSW, 2005
    • Runner up in the Emerging Artist Award at AD Gallery UNSW Art & Design, 2004
  • Teresa Larrea
    Open Studio & Art Explorers Teacher

    Teresa Larrea
    Open Studio & Art Explorers Teacher
    Teresa is our fantastic Art teacher. She has a lot of experience with multiple art forms and mediums. Her versatility in the arts as well as her teaching experience make for a great class.

Our Partners

  • “The Arts Connection leadership embodies the Canadian spirit of inclusivity, empathy and community. Our staff is from all over the world and everyone loves working here because there are mutual respect and camaraderie. Linda has always led by example and I always see her take the time to greet every staff member in the kitchen no matter how busy she is.”

    Mehernaz Parakh, HR Administrator and Clerical Supervisor

  • “Feeling welcome and getting positivity and support from leadership is something that I admire, so that has been a good impact on my first couple of months here.”

    Cindy Duong, Office Coordinator

  • “When you walk through our doors you can tell immediately that we are passionate advocates of the arts. There are few companies more worthy of a Business Excellence and Leadership award than this one. I love it here. And you and your children and grandchildren would too.”

    Jennifer den Hartogh, Applied Arts and Science Instructor