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School of Dance Feel the Beat

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”
Martha Graham 

Our Programs

PLIÉ – RELEVÉ Bring dance into your home

Patience. Perseverance. Discipline. Flexibility. Pure elegance. The Arts Conservatory School of Dance provides a positive and nurturing studio environment where we encourage your little (and not so little) dancer to learn respect and discipline for the craft. Under the tutelage of our experienced dance instructors, this is the place to learn the fundamentals with our Foundation stream or commit to training multiple times per week at our Accelerated stream.

Our Dance Disciplines

  • Ballet

    Combine grace and fluidity with strength and core development with this beautiful and elegant style.

  • The Arts Conservatory Jazz


    An upbeat style, set to popular music that helps your child improve their coordination and strength.

  • The Arts Conservatory Lyrical


    Explores the use of ballet and jazz techniques in a fluid expression set to melodic music.

  • Tap

    A percussive dance style, focusing on rhythms and patterns made with the feet to coordinate the body

  • Hip Hop Class The Arts Conservatory

    Hip Hop

    A high-energy unique type of technique that is accessible to all experience levels.

  • Private Training

    Study one-on-one with your instructor to work on your technique and enhance your training.

WHY DANCE? How Dancing Benefits Children 

Dancing is art, embodied. As such, it’s a way for us to learn to express ourselves, to discover our world and our bodies and to create something that is beautiful, often in collaboration with others. Dancing improves spatial awareness and coordination and naturally builds up our strength, flexibility and endurance. But it also provides powerful mental benefits: it sharpens our mind, lifts our mood and reduces our anxiety.


  • “I can't tell you how much the dance program has impacted my daughter's development, the lessons taught by her amazing teacher have increased her self-confidence and team skills, watching her perform at the year end show has been a highlight that every parent should get to experience.”

    Christie Ertner

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