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Excellence Speaks for Itself

Through personalized instruction, mentorship and constructive feedback, our teachers play a crucial role in helping students grow and develop their artistic voices.

TESTIMONIALSWhat Parents Are Saying About Us

At our fine arts school, students are immersed in an environment that encourages artistic exploration and provides them with the necessary tools, guidance and support to cultivate their creative abilities. It is an educational institution dedicated to nurturing and developing the talents of aspiring artists across various disciplines, including visual arts, performing arts, music, dance, theater and more.

We are proud to share the thoughts of parents who see the value in our school.

Andrea Paterson, Parent

The school is working to provide a wide range of arts based education in a world that undervalues it and I have a deep appreciation for that work. This organization has created a dynamic community through events, performance opportunities, master classes and fundraising initiatives that support community causes. Though her primary interest is piano, my daughter branched out to try a dance class this year and I'm sure it's due to the highly positive experience she has had with the teachers, staff and culture of the school.

Andrea Paterson, Parent

Having music lessons provides opportunities for us, as parents, to connect with our daughter and support her through the inevitable challenges (both technical and emotional) that arise in the context of learning an instrument. We use these opportunities to talk about how the skills she is learning will help her throughout her life--for example learning to be patient with herself when she's learning new things, to have confidence in her ability to succeed, and to cope with frustration and difficult tasks. Music is something our whole family participates in and enjoys, so this is something we do together and it definitely works to strengthen relationships and provide a much needed, screen free, way to have fun together! I know that the school holds and supports these same values and works to develop them with her in lessons.

Kim Chuck, Parent

This school represents a strong community for art, dance and music. The amount of thought and care that is taken to nurture the children, while giving back to the community by being very charitable is important for my family to invest in. It is key and necessary that we continue having art, dance and music in our lives. The school does this by inspiring our children, the community and our future.

Karla Kosowant, Parent

My son had convinced himself that he wasn't creative but now when he leaves his piano or visual arts class he's chatting all the time at home about his art and creations during his class. He is super happy.

Clara Au-Yeung, Parent

They are innovators in providing education and arts program for babies to kids. A place where they can grow.

Kathleen Baldwin, Parent

Attending this school has impacted my children's lives significantly outside of the school. My daughter is pursing a career in music in the opera program at UBC and my son has the confidence to pursue a career in radio and broadcast in arts.

Lesley Lee, Parent

My daughter learned to challenge herself and try new things. She’s learned that it’s ok to not be perfect at something right away but after practice and hard work, she sees the reward.

Sheila Lee, Parent

Being able to participate in so many activities during school hours has freed up my child's weekday evenings and weekends. This means he can relax after school and we have more time to spend together as a family, instead of driving all around the Lower Mainland for different activities. Being able to relax, rest and play with family is really important for a child's mental health.

Christie Ertner, Parent

We love seeing our dance friends out in the community and in other sports and activities. It's given my child friends beyond the studio that she would have never met otherwise.

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