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School of Music Voice and Singing Lessons

We orchestrate our classes according to your child’s needs.

DO-RE-MI Bring music into your home

We offer voice lessons for every skill level from ages 8 to18 (we do offer voice lessons for adults too). Personalized to help students move at their pace, each program is designed to keep our students engaged and reach their goals. There’s also the option for our students to participate in performances, events and masterclasses.

Ages 8+Voice & Singing Lessons

Vocal lessons are a great opportunity for your child to improve their singing to their favourite songs. They’re also an opportunity to learn correct breathing techniques and how to master the sound of your body as your instrument. Teachers can explore multiple styles with students while training them technically by working through many vocal styles and exercises.

Lessons may not be fitting for some students until they are close to age 10+, depending on vocal development. 

•Increase your singing range and improve your vocal pitch
•Technical and theory training alongside vocal training
•Learn different singing styles

Personalized Lessons | Beginner to Advanced Levels