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School of Music Catch the Melody

“Where words fail, music speaks.”
Hans Christian Anderson

Our Programs

ALLEGRO CON BRIO Bring music into your home

Embrace the joy of discovery and learning. At the Arts Conservatory’s School of Music, we offer a student-centred approach to teaching music for ages 4 and up. With quality professional instructors, we teach both theory and practice for every level. We also present our students with the opportunity to prepare for examinations through the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM), competitions, festivals and masterclasses.

Our Current Music Programs

  • Piano

    Learn piano techniques and build a strong foundation in music that can be applied to any instrument.

  • Violin

    Master this challenging but rewarding instrument, famous for its unique melodious sound.

  • Guitar/Ukulele

    Learn to play classical stylings or in other styles like jazz, rock and pop with this instrument.

  • Drums

    Explore rhythm and drum techniques through a variety of styles.

  • Voice

    Improve your singing by learning your favourite songs and improving vocal techniques.

  • Mini Melody Makers

    A group class for younger students to build musical foundations through various activities.

  • Music Therapy

    Purposeful use of music to support development, health, and well-being.

  • Adapted Music Lessons

    Customized lessons to suit individual learning styles

Why music? How music benefits children 

Music does wonders for our mental and emotional development. But did you know that music also improves our health and wellbeing? It stimulates our brains, which helps us with memory, reduces stress and anxiety and even relieves pain. It’s a language of emotion that develops different parts of our brain. Learning to play an instrument also improves hand-eye coordination and requires discipline and dedication. Every skill music helps to hone is a skill that’s useful for life.


  • “Enrolling and taking a child to piano lessons is easy but for the child to enjoy playing and have a love and appreciation for music is not as easy. My son has been taking piano lessons at The Art Conservatory for several years now and I never have to ask him to practice at home. What I do ask is for him not to practice before 8 am every morning! Thank you, Ms. Linda and all the staff at the Art Conservatory for instilling in him the love of music.”

    Sharon Kong

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